Reliable & Reusable Shipping Crate Solution

When you’re looking for shipping and storage solutions that are flexible, sturdy, reliable and reusable, look no further than SnapCrates from Bentley World-Packaging. Designed to be compliant with both domestic and international shipments, these crates will keep your cargo safe while eliminating packaging waste and reducing container costs.

Quick & Easy Assembly

Proprietary snap-and-insert technology for easy, tool-free assembly – No Nails, No Screws, No Problem.

Cost-Effective & Reusable

Assemble, disassemble & re-assemble hundreds of times, saving the expense of designing & building new packaging.

Strong & Stackable

Able to hold & protect 3,000+ lbs. of shipping cargo and withstand up to 10,000 lbs. of stacking pressure in storage.

Ship & Store Flat

Collapsible to only 9” tall, SnapCrates break down for
easy, inexpensive storage
and transportation.

Looking for an Innovative, Reusable Shipping Solution? It’s a Snap.

SnapCrates provide reliable shipping & storage solutions for military, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, trade shows and more.
Engineered for dozens of round trips, designed for use in ocean containers, Quadcons, 463L pallet, warehouses and more.

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Benefits of SnapCrate Reusable Shipping Crates

Let’s face it, we all want the same things from our shipping crates: maximum cargo protection at the lowest price possible. Throw in the fact that SnapCrates are reusable and you’ve got the flexible, eco-friendly, cost-effective shipping and storage solution you’ve been searching for.

Ultimate Protection

Engineered to withstand the hazards of domestic & international shipping.

Custom Designs

Endlessly configurable to meet the shipping and storage requirements of your cargo – large or small.

Save Time & Money

Packaging that can be used and reused up to 30 times – long lasting strength and value.

Environmentally Friendly

Going green usually means making a sacrifice. With SnapCrate you compromise nothing.

SnapCrate Offers an Economical, Efficient & Effective Shipping Solution